Saturday, March 12, 2016

Three Reasons to Follow Night Owl Collective

Futuristic bass music incorporating chill trap, jazz and vintage video game themes is highlighted by the record label Night Owl Collective, a group of artists founded by Austin, Texas-based Jonny Ha$h.

The collective appeared a few months ago with the release of a full-length compilation album showing off its roster of 22 artists. The album is $5 on Bandcamp and proceeds benefit the Music and Memory charity, which helps people in nursing homes reconnect to life through music.

Here are three tracks that should convince you to follow Night Collective on Soundcloud right now.

This hazy chilled out innovative hip hop instrumental from London's ZUU Music

Mind bending micro edit mania in this rapid-fire funky future jam from Tekvision.

This cute bass track from S H I N D I G that you might hear at a Yoshi dance party in 2025

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