Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Giraffage & Viceroy feat. Patrick Baker - Impression Of You

An electric chill frosts these icy hot tones, the result of collaboration between San Fransisco producers with different approaches to music, future viber Giraffage and disco pool partier Viceroy.

Baltimore/Nashville dance music vocalist Patrick Baker sings intensely and intimately over a sparse grid of chords that culminate into a lush drop with rich sustained bass tones and wide sizzling synths while a disco arpeggiator bounces in the background.

I find this collaboration very interesting, especially the fact it was released on Dim Mak, a label that I (until now) primarily associated with label owner Steve Aoki's brand of cake-throwing rockstar DJing.

Viceroy is touring the U.S. this summer and so is Giraffage (including a stop here in Austin!) in support of Slow Magic. Check out this amazing Slow Magic remix of Giraffage for a taste.

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