Friday, May 1, 2015

Madi Diaz - Mess (Jensen Sportag remix)

Nashville's Jenson Sportag deliver another ice cold dance track, this time a polished remix of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Mani Diaz that departs sharply from the original.

It's warm background pads, a gentle funk guitar pluck, trickling synthesizer chords and a danceable drum beat and bass line more sophisticated than your average four-on-the-floor pattern. And man, Jenson Sportag insert these turnarounds at the end of their chorus that just lift your heart.

Mani Diaz's vocals are my favorite kind, cool, melodic, unpretentious. Jenson Sportag add their own backing vocals, harmonies that match the sophistication of the refreshing jazz R&B chords that lift the song. The more I listen to this, the more I love it.

The mp3 is supposedly available for free on Madi Diaz's website. I signed up for her email list under the "Free Download" button but got a different mp3. I've reached out to them and will get back to you.

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