Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yitaku - Snowflakes

This 15-year-old from Minnesota continues to impress with his fantasy-land disco trap inventions. Yitaku's newest track "Snowflakes" sounds like a cross between future bass and retro video game music.

Imagine glistening crystal synth chords gently tumbling from the sky as you walk us up a hill covered in fresh snow. As you get to the top and point your sled down the hill, the epic build reaches it's peak. You push off and are hit with the emotionally rewarding drop as you carve through the trees at breakneck speed. That's what this sounds like to me. Also, I miss sledding.

The track is available on the first ever compilation by a group called W W W Collective. You can buy the whole album on Bandcamp for €1 or more.

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