Friday, July 11, 2014

Lemaitre - High Tide (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)

Tobtok and his fellow Swede Oliver Nelson teamed up to produce this summery remix.
Chkaaaaahhhhhh. It's such a chilled out vocal noise, like waves crashing on the shore. It is probably most famous in Yello's "Oh Yeah," burned into the 1980s Zeitgeist by this scene of the Michael J. Fox movie "Secret of My Success."

An exciting new collaboration between disco producers Oliver Nelson and Tobtok starts with the perfect deployment of the sound. The remix converts a jangly indie rock song by Lemaitre into a lush mid-tempo dance track with a touch of tropical.

"I've got some exciting news to share soon... But for now, let's enjoy the summer and drink some cocktails," Tobtok says. Probably good advice.

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