Saturday, May 24, 2014

StéLouse - T-Shirt

Australia often seems to be on the cutting edge of dance music trends, and it is now hosting the emergence of a highly technical new genre combing elements of disco, trap, hip hop and house.

You can hear it from artists such as Rustie, Cosmo's Midnight, Cashmere Cat and Disco Filter favorite Wave Racer. I'm no expert in the genre sometimes referred to as "Dofflin", but I love soaking up as much as I can, like rays of sunshine at a beach in Sydney with waves of the Tasman Sea crashing ashore.

That's why it's super exciting to hear this refreshing new record out of Perth. Denver, Colorado's StéLouse lifts us on the crest of a giant wave and then drops us in to let us surf the pipeline. Listen and you'll understand. It's just one song of a four track EP called "The City" on the Perth label DIEHIGH RECORDS. Free download!

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