Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bobby Tank - Sexy Thang

If you love nu-disco, you are sure to find something inspiring on this compilation of "boutique electronica" from London record label Heavy Disco. "This Is Heavy Disco Vol. 2 - Deeper Disco" includes releases from 5eya, L'Etranger, and Tobtok among other cutting edge artists. 

"A deeper, slower, more introspective collection of fuzzy disco, chopped and screwed RnB, tropical, hip hop, chillwave and more," is Heavy Disco's accurate description. The compilation comes out Monday, April 8.  

An excellent taste of chopped and screwed RnB comes from Bobby Tank, a London-based producer whose new EP "The Way" dropped on Heavy Disco's sister label MofoHiFi in February. He beautifully re-edits a short loop from Lillo Thomas's 1987 soul funk track "Sexy Girl" and adds new instrumentation to create an amazing original.

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