Monday, January 14, 2013

Televisor - Starlight

Wow, this is the best song I have heard in a long time. It sounds an unreleased track by Daft Punk or Stardust, and it strikes right at the heart of the French electro sound. But this is brand new music, released just a couple days ago on Monstercat.

Televisor - based out of Wales and Amsterdam - create a vision of a blissfully neon future. It's the year 2101 and as you're orbiting the world a spaceship at five times the speed of sound, you just begin to see the sun rising over the horizon. You're almost home.

Or you could describe how Televisor does: "This is actually how the radio sounds when you drink too much blueberry liqueur."

Figuring out how to deal with vocals is a challenge for many nu-disco producers. The human voice lends an organic quality to songs, but when you're trying to sound futuristic and mechanical, sometimes traditional pop vocals are too "natural" or just overbearing. Televisor make excellent use of vocal chopping and tuning to make the segmented voice sound more like an instrument than a product of the human anatomy. It's how a robot would sing.

Honestly, this song just feels good. Have a listen and then buy it on Beatport.

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