Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oliver - Mechanical (EP sampler)

Only one week to go until the highly anticipated release of Oliver's new five-song EP on Fools Gold Records! Eeeek! Can't wait! Oliver is an LA-based nu-disco production duo that is one half U-Tern (formerly of Vancouver) and one half Oligee.

A few days ago, they dropped this sampler blending all the tracks on their EP, just to tease us a little bit. Their sound is so clean and well-balanced, with all the synth frequencies crisply arranged with an engineer's precision. But the music is simultaneously soulful and funky and bristling with sass.

"I think if you can focus on the quality and follow your instincts, the rest will sort itself out," Oliver told MusicRadar in September. "Having a strong visual concept with your music helps, we come from the school of vinyl and have a deep appreciation of record cover art, for us it's an important first impression."

I plan on grabbing this the day it comes out on January 22. Have a listen!

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