Friday, November 2, 2012

Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin' (RAC Remix)

I love it when a great song makes it to the top of the Hype Machine charts, because honestly, sometimes I wonder how certain songs make it to #1. But before I even pressed play on this track, I had high hopes. Montreal's Chromeo -- with their infectious indie dance style -- haven't released much in a while, while it seems the Remix Artist Collective (aka RAC) never stops churning out fresh reinterpretations. When I clicked play, my best hopes were fulfilled. The song takes my favorite aspects of RAC -- plucky synth leads and bright Juno-style pads that transmit energy and youth -- and layers them underneath a fun lovin' acapella from Chromeo's Dave 1.

This isn't the first time RAC has remixed Chromeo. Check out their rework of Fancy Footwork from 2008. It's also a nice treatment, but I feel like listening to that back-to-back with this remix, you can really hear how RAC's sound has matured over the past four years. Which I guess shouldn't be surprising.

Oh yeah, Happy Friday bitches!

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