Saturday, October 13, 2012

Music Video: The Whispers - Keep On Lovin' Me

Post-disco group The Whispers have always been a favorite in the Disco Filter household, and their upbeat R&B dance music has withstood the test of time. They started in the mid-1960s as a vocal group on the street corners of Watts in South Central Los Angeles, a community whose rich musical history has defied many socioeconomic obstacles.

They went on to produce a string of hits you can still hear today on muzak stations in supermarkets and shopping malls, most notably, And The Beat Goes On, which hit #2 on the UK singles chart in February 1980, and #19 in the United States. But they had a ton of other disco friendly hits that are sampled by artists today like Rock Steady, It's A Love Thing, I Can Make It Better and of course Keep On Lovin' Me. Case point: this amazing A.Dd+ disco rap remix in which DJ Eleven samples I Can Make It Better.

Keep On Lovin' Me was released in 1983 on the legendary SOLAR Records, and the music video for it is utterly fabulous. Five handsome young men in tan suits and moustaches singing and dancing in the streets downtown LA, just like they must have done in Watts back in the day. Then -- all of the sudden, BOOM -- they're in a luxurious loft party with a candle lit buffet surrounded by women. This video is classy and dripping with 80s style. You must watch it.

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