Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mix Chopin - Rio 76

Happy Saturday! Got some funky disco house here from Mix Chopin, a producer and DJ from Toronto. Free download even!  The track starts out with a classic four on the floor house beat out a of kind consideration for DJs, then it drops out as a filter slowly opens to reveal different components of the mix. A charging bass line drives us straight until the funky chorus drops with climactic strings and a well placed soulful sample, "Oh yeah!"

Expect more from Mix Chopin in the near future. He told Too Many Sebastians in June that he's got a new EP coming out soon and in the comments for this track he cryptically hints, "More to come, stay tuned!"

In the meantime, check out his killer EP from last year and this mix he did for that interview with Too Many Sebastians.

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