Saturday, August 4, 2012

Slow It Down - Fantasy (edit)

Alright let's start this Saturday off with some chill vibes that are hot off the press. Glasgow's Slow It Down has completely reworked the track Tunnel of Love by the 80s post-disco act Weeks and Co. You may be more familiar with Richie Weeks for his role in producing the Jammers' famous hit Be Mine Tonight, an upbeat, synth-heavy disco track that never gets old. The dude is an amazing producer.

Slow It Down provides a more stripped down, almost dub treatment of the spaced out boogie track Tunnel of Love, perfect for waking up to on a Saturday morning and drinking coffee, or mixing into a set on a sweaty Saturday night. Slow It Down also warped the track to a solid 118 beats per minute to help with beat matching. This track is so fresh it hit the internet just two hours ago, and Slow It Down is offering a free WAV download. Nice!

Slow It Down is a pair of DJs whose edits have apparently been doing quite well on Soundcloud. "I grew up listening to sample based hip-hop like Redman, Gang Starr and A Tribe Called Quest," Slow It Down's Jamie told Synth - a blog dedicated to Glasgow club culture, "so I like to dig in the same way those artists producers did, real obscure or unpopular tracks and pick the best bits and stick it all back together with our stamp on it." Keep it up guys!

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