Thursday, August 9, 2012

Miami Horror DJs Mix 1: Lemonade

It's been hard to blog the last couple days because our air conditioning died and August is hot in Texas! I'm talking highs above 100°F or 38°C. Thank goodness for cold drinks, oscillating fans and family with extra beds.

Making matters more difficult, our landlord has been vacationing in Australia. It's hard to approve expensive repairs when you're in the opposite time zone.

Nevertheless, in honor of the great nation of Australia, I must post this amazing mix. Turns out Melbourne’s Miami Horror started a new Soundcloud profile for their remixes and mixtapes. You're welcome, Planet Earth!

Here's their first mixtape, posted August 1. It includes artists who share Miami Horror's vision of the sun drenched beaches near their homes, like Los Angeles producers Goldroom and OliverHopefully these mixes will be like rent checks, dutifully delivered on the first of every month!

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