Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chinese Flash Mob - Fade 2 Black (Only Children remix)

This song takes its time getting to its destination, building slowly with a simple monotonous bass. After about a minute building tension the bass drops out and a vocal drops in.
"I'm going to break free tonight."
Then everything comes back all at once and it's a heavy, pulsating dancefloor anthem. It's just driven by that monotone bass and accented with the soulful declaration:
"Don't hold me back!"
Chicago's Only Children reinterpreted Chinese Flash Mob's Fade 2 Black for this remix package, released Monday on New York City's Nurvous Records. I couldn't help but notice the track has been favorited on Soundcloud by nu-disco experts like Lenno, Bitfunk and Moonboots. Take a listen!

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