Thursday, July 19, 2012

La Zebra - Sunshine on My Mind (feat. C Plus)

Rap and disco are inextricably linked. Back around the time when DJ Kool Herc was extending the breaks of disco records by beat juggling two records back and forth, the Sugar Hill Gang recorded the first hip hop single to hit the U.S. charts by rapping on top of Chic's Good Times. Just check out this 1979 video of the Sugar Hill Gang performing Rapper's Delight. It looks like a disco party up in there.

These days, however, there's not nearly enough good disco rap to satiate my desires.

That's why I was stoked when Los Angeles nu-disco producer La Zebra teamed up with Sacramento rapper C Plus to release Sunshine on My Mind. It's the first single on the new label HOF Records, which is run by the same dude blogging at one of my longtime favorite music blogs DeathElectro.

The track features La Zebra's laid back disco sample-chopping, while a bandpass filtered C Plus spits fresh rhymes about travelling, rapping and smoking weed. Let's hope more nu-disco producers take this as a signal to collaborate with emcees!

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