Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fashen - So Complete Remixes

The Los Angeles DJ Fashen is out with a pair of releases today: remixes of his So Complete EP on Young Robots Records and a track on the Fool's Gold Records Clubhouse Vol. 2 compilation album.

"Fashen has been one of the top club DJs in the US for at least the last ten years, and 'So Complete' was his first release of original music," according to Young Robots Records.

I am personally loving the Solidisco remix of Fashen's track Ecstacy. It's a nice mix of sampled disco but includes some some pretty big filtered builds that are less common in much of the nu-disco I enjoy.

Then again, Sammy Banana's downtempo remix of The Talk also sounds excellent to my ear, a chilled out late-night version of the original.

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