Thursday, July 5, 2012

Change - Change of Heart

I love so many things about this 1984 single by the post-disco group Change. A funky R&B-influenced intro/chorus that leads in to some excellent vocal phrasing by singer Deborah Cooper. She perfectly places the lyrics in over the bouncy Moog bass line in the verse.

"I have opened up by my eyes. Now I can see clearly.
You told me there's no other guy who would be as good to me."
The song was a product of the Minneapolis-based song writing/production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for Change's fifth studio album. "Credited as pioneers in the transition from the usage of the LinnDrum drum machine to Roland's TR-808 Rhythm Composer in black music, Jam & Lewis embellished Change's perpetually evolving repertoire with a profoundly urban groove," writes music researcher Francis Depuydt.

Change in 1982. Photo courtesy of Francis Depuydt

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